Panther Badge

The FCAT grading system can be deceptive. This Gapminder graph of FCAT Scores and school "grades" is important for several reasons. The test scores show that FCAT scores do not determine the "grade" of the school and that people should understand there is much more to the School than its FCAT "grade". A grade can be determined by handful of scores that affect the average, rather than a modal sample.

Hit the play button in the lower left of the graph to show changes over time since 2003.

In 2009, Dillard High School comes to rest in the center of the group of Broward high schools. Hover your mouse over a color in the school grade to make the various school grades flash. If you hit a particular school, it will be tagged until you hit it again to turn it off.

Note that some schools have selective admission policies.

This graph was created by Theresa Murray for the Interactive Design course as a mid-term project. She used data from the Florida Department of Education. This graph and the opinion expressed on it do not represent the official position of the Broward County School Board or Dillard High School.